SAS 2016 Symposium
Video Links

AuthorYouTube Link
David Boyd Measuring Stellar Radial Velocities with a LISA Spectrograph
Robert K Buchheim What color is PG1302-102?
Donald G Bruns Repeating the Experiment that made Einstein Famous
Dennis M Conti The Role of Amateur Astronomers in Exoplanet Research
Gary M Cole Small telescope Spectropolarimetry: Instrumentation and Observations
Eric R Craine Empirical Measurements of Filtered Light Emitting Diode (FLED) Replacements
Eric V Dose Mixed-model Regression for Variable-star Photometry
Stephen J Edberg An Automated System for Citizen Searches for Exoplanets
Russell M Genet Small Telescope Research Communities of Practice
Robert M Gill Clues to the Evolution of W Ursae Majoris Contact Binary Star Systems
Jesse M Goldbaum Astronomical Instrumentation System Markup Language (AISML)
Wayne L Green M-Dwarf discovery and variability from serendipitous field star observations
John E Hoot Follow Up Photometry on MOTESS-GNAT Variable Star Candidates
Jerry D Horne New Observations of the Variable Star NGC 6779 V6
Thomas G Kaye White Dwarf WD-1145
John L Menke A Bespoke Spectropolarimetrist
John C Martin Crowd-Sourced Spectroscopy of Long Period Mira-Type Variables
Daniel M Van Noord Predicting a Luminous Red Novae
Tom Buchanan Early Images of Sodium in the Tail of Comet Hale-Bopp