SAS 2017 Symposium
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TESS Workshop

Dr. Jessie Christiansen Staff Scientist at the NASA Exoplanet Archive NASA Kepler Mission Participating Scientist:
Workshop "Kepler and TESS opportunities" part 1
Workshop "Kepler and TESS opportunities" part 2
Workshop "Kepler and TESS opportunities" part 3

AuthorYouTube Link
Carter Becker Multiwavelength Observations of the Eclipsing Binary
NSV 03438 between January 2013 and March 2016
Pat Boyce A Community-Centered Astronomy Research Program
David Boyd Spectrophotometry of Symbiotic Stars
Gary Cole Using All Sky Imaging to improve Telescope Scheduling
Dennis Conti Exoplanet Observing: From Art to Science
Brian Cudnik An Ongoing Program for Monitoring the Moon for Meteoroid Impacts
Reed Estrada Observations of the star Cor Caroli at the Apple Valley Workshop 2016
Rachel Freed An overview of ten years of student research and JDSO publications
Mattia Galiazzo Taxonomy discrimination of the Tina asteroid family via photometric color indices
Russell Genet Student Research within Communities of Practice
Sean Gillette Engaging Teenagers in Astronomy Using the Lens of Next Generation
Science Standards and Common Core State Standards4
Wayne Green Techniques of Photometry and Astrometry with APASS, GAIA and Pan-STARRS Results
Arne Henden How Faint Can You Go?
John Hoot Shoestring Budget Radio Astronomy
John Kenney How to Use Astronomical Spectroscopy to Turn the Famous Yellow
Sodium Doublet D Bands into a Stellar Speedometer and Thermometer
Paul Luckas The SPIRIT Telescope Initiative - six years on
Kristine Larsen Use of the AAVSO s International Variable Star Index (VSX) in an
Undergraduate Astronomy Course Capstone Project
John Martin Modeling Systematic Differences In Photometry by Different Observers
John Menke A WideBand Spectropolarimeter
Mario Motta WD 1145+017
Richard Stanton Exploring the unknown: Detection of fast variability of starlight